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When: Thursday 2nd April at 9:00

Speaker: Bob Spence

'Hit my sales targets in the Dot-com bubble and in the Banking crash'.

For business there are many questions regarding future prospects as we move through – and eventually past – this health crisis.

Underlying all those questions, is a single concern:

'Will I be okay, once everything goes back to normal?'

I have bad news and good news…almost nobody is going to be just okay.

If you look at any time of crisis, we have gone through it is rare for people to just hold steady at exactly where they were before it started.

Some will fail and some will succeed.

'Sitting it out is not an option'.

  • An introduction to survive then thrive sales performance
  • The new procurement landscape
  • The new sales landscape
  • What this means to sales performance
  • What this means to sales people
  • The 'Survive' sales tool kit - What do we have to do
  • The 'Thrive' sales tool kit - What can we choose to do

'Pro-active and informative seminar. Great delivery from Bob Spence.' Hi-Technology Mouldings Slovakia s.r.o.

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  • Bob Spence (Get Spence)

    Bob Spence

    Get Spence

    Currently, working as start up business coach within the Barclays Eagle Lab Incubator network in 13 locations (http://www.c4di.co.uk/community). This is to support SaaS businesses with client acquisition and sales skills.

    Co-founder of 5next Software Ltd working with CEO Aleks Gora to secure pilot clients in Los Angeles, London, Berlin and Beijing. (MOU now exist in all four cities for the 2019 release).

    Priro to 2020, Bob spent over 15,000 hours in negotiation proceedings, closed over 3,600 transactions, delivered more than 1600 training sessions with over 15,000 people trained across a 25-year period.

    Awarded the prestigious ‘Million Dollar Roundtable’ by generating more than $ of sales commission 2 years running as a leading sales professional in financial services ‘business to business’ sector.

    Author of the only accredited learning in the United Kingdom regarding the subject of building professional & commercial connections.

    Extensive range of sales experience including: financial services, legal services, IT, call centres and insurance.

    Encompassing; negotiation advice, sales modelling, consultancy, arbitration, coaching and corporate training. Sales experience spans Central Europe & the USA.

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